Workouts that lead to joy!

Whether you find it in the sweat, the burning muscles, the smaller clothes, the better posture, the knowing it’s over, or the people you share your workout with, Joyful Fitness believes that everyone can experience joy in their workouts.

I’m Mel McGuire and at Joyful Fitness the focus is on helping your body and mind find joy through exercise. I work intimately with you to design fun, personalized, and effective workouts that will enhance your lifestyle beyond “the scale”. For athletes, total newbies and everyone in between, I aim to make your workout a welcome challenge, working your body in ways that make you feel stronger and better, inside and out.

Mel is the most helpful, knowledgeable, hands-on fitness expert I've ever met...and I've met many! She caters to what you and your body need, she cheers you on, and she's like an hour of therapy and exercise rolled into one. I highly recommend!

-Victoria , 33