Joyful Fitness’ Group Classes on Zoom

Simple Sweat is a 45 minute ZOOM circuit training class designed for a small, indoor space, with no equipment. Exercises use body weight and are designed to give you a metabolic boost, strengthen your core muscles, and improve your balance and agility. We will alternate one-minute intervals of upper body and core with lower body and intense cardio.
Recommended: Mat, Towel, Water

Please RSVP to let me know you are coming and I will send you the Studio address and/or Zoom link and answer any questions.
Call or Txt: 203-614-9949


Simple Sweat classes are available by request on video for one week after class, so even if you miss class you can still get your workout in.

Cost: $15 

Ways to pay:

Never taken a group exercise class on Zoom before? Here’s how it works.

1. RSVP directly to me for class(e-mail or messenger). Please include your e-mail address.
2. A document signing service will send you a waiver from me. It is just a fast signature link and you only need to it fill out for your first class.
3. Once your waiver is signed you’ll receive an e-mail with the Zoom link for class. You can also check in with me about any injuries or worries you have for participating in group exercise.
4. Pay $15 prior to class via Zelle (646-591-1504) or Venmo (@mel-joyfulfitnessct).
5. Show up to the Zoom room on time the day of class. Have your camera on so I can check your form and give personal modifications to your workout. It doesn’t have to be a perfect view, but the more I see of your body the better workout you’ll get.
6.  Your microphone will be muted during exercise so nobody will hear anyone else’s heavy breathing or background noise. There is upbeat background music to help keep you moving and smiling.
7. “Speaker view” is the best Zoom setting for your first class, but once you start to learn the class basics a “gallery view” might be more fun if your screen is big enough to enjoy.
8. There are short breaks in class where you can unmute yourself and ask questions or just be social.
9. Funny, nice, smart people take class. You’ll fit right in!


I have been training with Mel consistently for a little over 3 years now and I am the strongest I've ever been! Mel is a joy to work with and our workouts go by so quick. She always makes sure my form is correct so I'm getting the most out of the exercises. At the end of our sessions I'm sweating bullets. I also have to add that she is prompt and super professional which is very important to me.

-Tammy , 55