New in May: “Simple Strength” Starts Monday May 17th & Foam Roll Support Club

NEW CLASS: “Simple Strength” Starts Monday May 17th!
Like my other small group classes this is $10 on Zoom. No equipment or experience needed for this sculpt and flow class. We will focus on strengthening all of your muscles with body weight exercises. If you like “Simple Sweat” this class will likely be equally sweaty, but more focused on working muscles to fatigue so that they get stronger and less on getting you a killer cardio workout. Please RSVP for Zoom Link. Replays will also be available.
FOAM ROLL Support Club Thursdays in May 7:30am (30 min)
I’m also offering a FREE 30 minute “Foam Roll Support Club” on Thursday mornings from 7-7:30am. Are you like me and have a foam roller and know it’s so good for you and will make your hips and knees and back feel better yet somehow you can never find the time to squeeze it in. You do need a foam roller but you don’t need to know how to use it, I will teach you! Stick around for 8am “Simple Sweat” and experience how the foam roll session can directly impact the way your workout feels.