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New Level Up Strength Intensive for 2024

Announcing: Level-Up 2024! This is a 4 week strength intensive that will take place on Zoom. Dumbbells are recommended but not required. For 8, 50 minute strength sessions you will get a total body workout that will build strength, improve flexibility and give you a great foundation for a sustainable workout schedule in the New […]

Better than a Turkey Trot! Thanksgiving Simple Sweat is back…

Join me at 9am on Thanksgiving Day for a power-hour of sweaty strength. This is guaranteed to put you in a good mood to start your big day of eating and family. It’ll also rev up your metabolism and relieve muscular stress. $15. All you need is a mat, towel and water. RSVP to

If you only get one workout this week, make it this one! A small group environment to help with fun and motivation, but a totally personalized strength circuit that will be set at the right intensity for you to get stretched, strengthened and energized.

Stretching & Weight Loss??? – Read the article and my real thoughts

I was recently interviewed for an article on stretching and weight loss. I’m posting both my interview and the article below, if you want to check it out. I think my answers were much better in the actual interview, and the article doesn’t quite explain my thoughts on this matter, since stretching is important to […]

Joyful January Jumpstart

I’m so excited to offer a LIVE small group training program for the New Year. This will be the first time I’ve offered a class in my home gym sanctuary (aka, the babe cave) and I can’t wait. If you are in North Stamford and looking for a refreshing way to kick the holiday sluggishness […]

Pre-order my Book: Bodyweight Training Over 40

I’m so excited to announce that I am an author! I have written my first book called “Bodyweight Training Over 40”. It breaks down bodyweight exercises for all levels and is a resource for getting and staying in shape once you’re over 40. (Spoiler alert: Exercise makes aging so much better!) Click Here to preorder […]

Take a FREE Class with Mel!

I’m so excited to offer a chance to learn the basics I use in my group ZOOM classes. If you’re a little shy about taking a live class, try this first and gain some confidence. I’ll see you on the other side. xoxox Take your free class here!