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Zoom Videos Available After Class

Starting this week I’ll be taping my Simple Sweat classes and saving them to the cloud after class. Links are available for one week so you can take class twice! (Or make-up the class you slept through 🙂 Of course there are still 5 opportunities to take class live. Tuesday @ 8am, Thursday @ 8am, […]

New Summer Schedule in the Virtual Studio

The virtual studio has been going strong since Covid struck us in March and now it’s ready for a new summer class schedule. I’ll be teaching group workouts 3 days week: Tues/Thurs/Sat, with two morning class options on Saturday. And for all you theater geeks out there, the Show-tunes class is for you! I promise […]

New Zoom Classes: Simple Sweat

We’re all trying to adapt to this new Corona world, so I will be offering Simple Sweat beginning Tuesday April 14th! Simple Sweat is a 45 minute ZOOM class in the style of my outdoor circuit training classes but adapted to a small, indoor space, with no equipment. Exercises use body weight and are designed […]

Pumpkin Spice Body Circuit

Happy Fall Everybody! I just posted a 6 move mini circuit on my instagram @joyfulfitness to give you a little inspiration for “spicing” things up for Fall. It’s an intermediate circuit workout with 6 moves meant to be repeated 2-3 times through. If you are a beginner or have injuries this might not be the […]

Latest Update from Joyful Fitness

2018 turned my life upside down and after 22 years of pounding the pavement in New York City my little dog, Turtle, and I have followed our hearts and moved North to the land of trees and drive thru restaurants. As I’m adjusting to suburban life and to seeing less of my amazing, inspiring and  […]